Edelweiss Direct System Advanced Kit


Edelwiess Direct System is a multi-versatile cosmetic product that can do everything from single unit to full smile makeovers in just one appointment.

  • Edelwiess made from nano-hybrid composite for low shrinkage.
  • Virtually no defects were observed at both the enamel and dentin margins in Edelwiess's fatigue study.
  • Antibacterial surface of the veeners
  • Natural fluorescence and opalescence
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Reliable alternative treatment option.
  • Evolve labs offer custom shading for added results.
  • Seven year guarantee on chipping and discoloration.


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  • Anterior and Posterior Restorations
  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Anatomical Deformities
  • Diastema
  • Erosion & Attition
  • Lifting the Vertical Dimension
  • Customized Veneers, & Crowns
  • Crown Facing
  • Facing of Implant Abutments.

Create Life Changing Moments in One Day

Direct Veneer System

DIRECT VENEERs from edelweiss is state of the art for modern and minimally invasive esthetic dentistry. For the first time in the history of dental, it is now possible to work with prefabricated veneers made from nano-hybrid composite using modern laser technology.

Never before has it been feasible to directly create the natural shape and youthful luminance of a tooth, so easily and perfectly in only one appointment. Its versatile area of application together with its time and cost saving procedure make edelweiss DIRECT VENEERs a sound investment in the future with the best interest of the patient in mind. Convince yourself.

Only One Appointment



Fillers with particle sizes in the nano meter range („nanoparticles“) show a strong tendency of aggregation and agglomeration. Therefore they do not reach their full potential for improvements of the properties of the composite (e.g. shrinkage, modulus, mechanical strength). These aggregated and agglomerated nano particles are know for a long time and are used in dental materials (Impression materials, composites) for many years. The challenge is to provide these particles in separated morphology. With the technology used in Edelweiss Composites the particles can be separated to a great extend. This is shown in the left picture. Here the nano particles can reach their full potential for improvements of shrinkage, modulus and mechanical strength.


Anatomical Deformities


Anatomical Deformities/Lengthening of the Incisal Edge

Old Restorations/Devital


Crown Facings/Abrasion